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  • What is CBD and CBD Gum Exactly?
  • Will CBD Gum Get Me High?
  • What are the Benefits of Using CBD Gum?
  • Top Brands
  • Where Can I buy CBD Gum?


CBD products continue to experience explosive growth throughout Europe due to consumer demand as well as rapid deregulation across the continent. As many consumers may already know CBD products come in a variety of different delivery methods that include; CBD Topicals, CBD Tinctures, CBD CapsulesCBD Edibles, CBD Vapes, and many more… There are even numerous CBD Pet products available on the market! But what you might not know about and is gaining a lot of popularity is CBD Gum. Who doesn’t love a splash of flavour? Blowing bubbles and fresh breath? Add the wellness benefits of CBD that can include anxiety relief, stress relief, improve relaxation and sleeping, athletic recovery, and more and it sounds like a winning combination. Let’s dive in a learn more to determine whether CBD gum is the next must try CBD product offering on the market. With that said, with anything CBD or new for that matter, we recommend speaking with your doctor or health care practitioner, but for now get ready to chew on the definitive guide to CBD Gum.

What is CBD and CBD Gum Exactly?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found within hemp and cannabis plants. According to an article from WebMD, states CBD is commonly used to address and reduce anxiety, pain, and can even be used for epilepsy. Overall, most people use CBD to help relieve daily aches and pain, help with sleep, rest and relaxation, and athletic recovery from sore muscles.

CBD Gum is exactly what it sounds like, chewing gum infused with CBD. European CBD consumers have been actively purchasing CBD topicals, CBD oils, CBD tinctures, and CBD vape products for some time now, in fact, according to research firm Brightfield Group, the European market is on track to grow over 400% in the next four years. European consumers have certainly embraced CBD as a natural alternative to a variety of ailments, Brightfield Group estimated European CBD sales reached $405 million USD in 2019, a 26% growth from 2018. It is clear, European consumers are embracing CBD and will continue to grow. Because of chewing gum’s discrete consumption method, tasty flavours and compact size it could become the next go to method of consuming CBD.

Will CBD Gum Get Me High?

The short answer is no, most gums on the market like the product by Endoca featured below contain moderate levels of CBD and of course under 0.02% THC (Not enough to provide any psychoactive effect whatsoever). With that said, it is always important to check the label and even ask the brand directly about the product’s ingredients. Do not be afraid to request lab results as most brands on the market that are quality manufacturers are happy to provide that information in an open and transparent manner. Another option is to read the reviews and double check on social media for product unboxings and testing videos and content like this video below from Yougrow Solutions.

Highlights from Yougrow Solutions video include:

  • Chewing increases bioavailability because of the glands in your mouth provide a great way to
  • absorb CBD similar to the effectiveness of tinctures
  • Light and relaxing feel if you are uptight or have high anxiety
  • Flavour sticks around for a solid 10-15 minutes
  • Smooth texture, pleasing chewing sensation
  • More pleasing flavour than most gum in the store
  • Zero chemicals
  • 100% organic
  • Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Gum?

According to an article from titled CBD Gum Is Now A Thing, Too CBD gum has a variety of benefits. The article outlines that medical research has shown that chewing gum in general (without CBD) can improve cognitive function, while another study, found chewing gum reduced anxiety significantly, helped with digestion and reduced nausea. Adding CBD to the mix can improve and provide a different level of improvement for consumers. One other key benefit of chewing CBD gum is the overall bioavailability which is the the uptake into the bloodstream.’s article made an incredible point, some CBD when taken in capsule form for example becomes absorbed by your stomach acid as part of digestion, thus preventing a portion of the CBD from making its way into your system. CBD Gum on the other hand, directly interacts with the mucous membrane in your mouth leading to an increased absorption rate of actual CBD into your system.

It is discrete, as mentioned earlier this product does not require you to pull out a vape and inhale it, pull out a tincture with a liquid dropper or even open a bottle of capsules and swallow a pill. It is a completely unassuming normal everyday act of pulling out a piece of gum and chewing it. Further to that, most of the packaging looks similar in appearance and flavour profile to big brand gum companies carried in convenience and grocery stores all over the world.

Top Brands

According to Endoca’s CBD Chewing Gum received the number one spot in their top 10 best CBD Gums article followed by CBD Infusionz, Elevate, Bio Remedies MD, Lab Naturals PCR and a few others that complete the list. Consumers want the best products available and shopping for CBD is no different, let’s take a closer look at a full breakdown on Endoca’s winning product.

cbd gum endoca

At we have received countless examples of positive feedback from consumers on Endoca’s CBD Chewing Gum which has 15mg of CBD per piece of gum and comes with 10 pieces of gum per box for a total of 150mg of CBD. It is important to note, anything carried on the Elements of Green marketplace has been thoroughly vetted by our experienced CBD team and includes lab tested, quality ingredients but Endoca takes it a step further. With 100% natural ingredients which are plastic gum free, and a chicle tree base with a natural sweetener found in Birch trees, wild peppermint, mint essential oils, sunflower lecithin from sunflower seeds and of course hemp oil containing CBD.

Endoca gum

According to Endoca, this CBD chewing gum is not only better for you but is a fantastic way to experience the benefits of the hem plant, with none of the environmental hazards of normal chewing gum. Once disposed of, the 100% biodegradable gum will simply breakdown and dissolve. It does not possess any artificial colours or preservatives and is vegan friendly. This CBD gum maximises bioavailability of CBD through oral absorption and is sweetened with a taste of mint. As you can see below, European CBD consumers love this product and discuss some of the benefits they receive from chewing it. Amazing to think a regular daily activity like chewing CBD gum can potentially alleviate aches and pains, reduce stress and more.

trustpilot CDB GUM

Where Can I buy CBD Gum?

As with any CBD purchase it is important to do proper research and due diligence into the brands and products, more and more CBD companies are emerging on a regular basis and not all of them are quality, look at the ingredient list, ask for the lab results to ensure there are no harmful additives, heavy metals or toxins and check the reviews. We have included a sample certificate of analysis below for you to review. Marketplaces like Elements of Green utilize their experienced team that is on the forefront of regulatory compliance and CBD company evaluation to help consumers select only the best and safest products on the market from industry leading manufacturers. All products including CBD gum’s on the platform come full product descriptions, reviews and of course consumer support contact information. Essentially taking a lot of the guess work out of selecting the right CBD product for you and your family.

Endoca certificate analysis

endoca certificate analysis

We hope you enjoyed this article on the definitive guide to CBD gum and our team at Elements of Green are standing by to answer any questions you may have. If you liked this article we encourage you to share it with your friends and family and drop a comment below on what you would like to see featured next.

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