Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of two primary compounds closely associated with cannabis plants, alongside its cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Regular users of CBD note that it has relaxing effects on their muscles, joints, and aches that enable a smooth transition into a calm state of being. Some people even use CBD as an alternative sleep medicine to help coax their bodies into a restful night’s slumber.

CBD is consumable in the form of several different product categories. But CBD oils are one of the most popular products used by people to receive the relaxing benefits and sensations derived from CBD. Users can easily place a few oil droplets on the back of their tongues to ingest the CBD into their systems. They can also use CBD oil in cooking, and even add a few drops into their morning cup of coffee or tea to help kick start their days.

However, one question that infrequent and potentially habitual users may ask themselves is this: does CBD oil expire, and would expired oil pose any risk to their health and wellbeing? That’s what we’ll look into within this article.

Does CBD oil expire?

This is the 64 million dollar question for consumers of CBD products: does CBD oil expire? The short answer is, yes. Like most products with built-in shelf life, CBD oil does expire over time.

The good news is that the shelf life for CBD oils ranges anywhere between 1 to 2 full years. That’s plenty of time to consume a bottle of CBD oil so it’s very unlikely that you’ll have to deal with an expired product.

Keep in mind that most bottles for sale store approximately 1,500 mg of CBD oil, plus or minus another one to two hundred milligrams. A fully grown adult in good health can tolerate up to 1,500 mg of CBD in a given day. If you were to consume your maximum daily limit, you could finish an entire bottle of CBD oil in one day. Even spread out over several days worth of doses, and you would still finish the bottle long before the expiration date is a factor.


How do you store CBD oil after opening?

Like with many organic products, CBD is sensitive to oxygen, light, and room temperature. The sensitivity levels escalate even higher once the bottle has been opened and put to use.

To properly store CBD oil after opening, make sure you always store it within the dark bottle or container it comes in. Most packaging used to store CBD oils is medical grade and built to withstand the elements that impact the shelf life of the product. Additionally, you’ll want to keep your bottles in a safe space that’s protected from the light, not exposed to unnecessary oxygen, and away from anywhere that could drastically change the temperature such as windows, radiators, or furnaces.


What happens if you take expired CBD oil?

If you’re worried about what could happen to your health by taking expired CBD oil, you can rest assured that you’ll be ok if you do ingest expired CBD oil. It’s extremely unlikely that a person in good health will end up sick from expired CBD oil.

The reason is due to the shelf life. As the product ages, the cannabinoids themselves break down and the potency loses its effectiveness. This means that, while you’re unlikely to get sick from the product, you won’t feel the effects you normally would from CBD oil that’s still in the prime of its shelf life.


Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?

CBD oil does not need to be refrigerated to remain healthy for your body. In fact, due to its sensitivity to changes in temperature, it’s best to instead store the oil in a cupboard or pantry to ensure the cannabinoids retain their effectiveness.

If you do wish to refrigerate your CBD oil, only do so if you know with absolute certainty that the bottles are fully sealed. The packaging will protect the cannabinoids from the effects of the coolness within the refrigerator without compromising the shelf life of the product. It’s best to use this storage method if you have multiple bottles of oil in your house, and you need time to finish the one that’s currently open before moving on to the next in the batch.


Can old CBD oil make you sick?

People in good health should not feel sick by taking old CBD oil that’s gone past the extent of its shelf life. However, old CBD oil also loses its ability to relax your body and help coax you into a restful night of sleep. Therefore, it’s best to ensure you consume your entire bottle of CBD oil within the appropriate time so that you get the full benefits and effects of your purchase.