By now, you may be aware of all the properties of CBD and how it can help you to treat several conditions, most of them related to pain management and mood. However, we don’t hear much about CBD for weight loss. Does Cannabidiol help you lose weight? The following article will give you all the information on the topic.


CBD for Weight Loss

Currently, obesity is becoming a rising problem. According to The Health Survey for England, around 28% of adults are obese, and a further 36.2% are overweight. And while it can become an issue surrounding appearance, the real problem is that obesity can increase the risk of serious diseases, especially those related to blood pressure and heart diseases.

Losing weight can be difficult, with diets and exercise not helping individuals as expected. For that reason, many decide to complement their weight loss journey with diet pills and other types of supplements. Unfortunately, weight loss drugs pose major health risks and can generate drug dependence.

In this scenario, many people tried to switch to natural alternatives like CBD for weight loss. ‘Why?’, you may ask. Some people don’t actually believe that this compound can help them lose weight, as cannabis is well-known for increasing your appetite.

The difference lies in the cannabinoids you use. THC, the main compound of marijuana, increases the feeling of hunger when interacting with the CB1 receptor of the endocannabinoid system. On the contrary, CBD decreases your appetite, and it seems like it is a potential treatment to lose weight.


Is CBD Good for Weight Loss?

Among the vast benefits of CBD, research suggests that it may boost metabolism and reduce nausea. Moreover, some animal studies report significant reductions in body weight on animals. This likely happens because CBD acts as a CB1 receptor ‘deactivator’. Therefore, food intake decreases as receptors don’t send signals of hunger.

Another benefit of CBD for weight loss is ‘fat browning’. To explain this better, your body has two types of fat cells: white and brown. When individuals have more white fat, they tend to develop chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. On the contrary, brown fat generates heat by burning calories, and healthy-weight individuals tend to have more of this fat.

Exercise and adequate sleep are usually the best ways to convert white fat cells into fat brown cells. And surprisingly, CBD may support this conversion process, along with helping the body break down fats more easily.

Other studies show that CBD can reduce cholesterol in individuals with obesity. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, using CBD for weight loss can also decrease blood sugar levels, helping people with obesity treat diabetes.


How to Use CBD Oil for Weight Loss

So now that you know that CBD is a great alternative to diet pills, how do you use CBD oil for weight loss? While many companies might market their CBD oil for weight loss, we highly recommend staying away from them, as CBD oils can’t be marketed as medicine but as a supplement.

To ensure your safety, Elements of Green has a careful selection of CBD oil you can use to complement your diet or workout regimen. For instance, fourfive CBD oil is the perfect way to start using CBD for weight loss, as it is easy to dose and has natural ingredients.

If you are not a fan of the earthy flavour of CBD oil, you can also try herbal teas. CBD vital offers a delicious tea blend of CBD, ginger, lemongrass, green tea, and lemon myrtle. This way, you are giving your body a gentle and effective mix to process CBD differently.


CBD Dosage for Weight Loss

As we previously mentioned, CBD is not supported through enough medical research for you to use as an effective treatment for weight loss. However, the CBD dosage for weight loss can be easy to figure out depending on your weight and your body’s ability to absorb CBD.

For starters, a 10 mg dose per day can be a great way to start taking CBD for weight loss. Individuals who weigh around 115 kg can try taking a 20-25 mg dose and observe their reaction to it for a week. After some time, you may increase your dosage to 5 mg per week until you find the right amount of CBD for you.

We highly encourage you to talk to your doctor about implementing CBD for your weight loss journey. If you are not careful, you can overdose on CBD, and although the consequences are not extremely dangerous, they may put you in an uncomfortable situation for some time.